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Parole and Probation

The Parole & Probation Division of the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for supervising adult justice involved individuals (JII) on parole, probation, and post-prison supervision who reside in Benton County.


We serve the community by enhancing public safety through the reformation of justice involved individuals and the reduction of criminal behavior.

Guiding Principles
  • Respect the worth and dignity of all individuals.
  • Hold justice involved individuals accountable.
  • Identify risk in order to prioritize available resources and sanctions.
  • Utilize evidence-based programs and community partnerships.

Probation Officers

Deputies in our division are known as Parole & Probation Officers, or POs. Within the context of their job, they play many different roles. These may range from a law enforcement to a counselor role. In dealing with these varying roles, they must be able to assess what is happening with a justice involved individual and provide the supervision, guidance, and accountability that a JII needs to be successful.


To accomplish our mission, the Parole & Probation Division of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office manages a variety of accountability and rehabilitative programs that include, but are not limited to, those listed here. We prioritize resources and sanctions for those clients at the highest risk to re-offend. In this way we make effective use of our resources to protect the community and promote the reformation process.

Sex Offender Notification

A statewide database of all registered sex offenders is maintained by the Oregon State Police Sex Offender Unit. The State of Oregon Sex Offender Inquiry System is a searchable database of Notification Level 3 (High Risk) designated sex offenders subject to community notification, who are residing within Oregon.

The interactive website allows you to search for a specific Notification Level 3 (High Risk) sex offender or offenders living in a geographic area by zip code or within a radius of a specific address, among other options.

The list of Notification Level 3 sex offenders on the public site is much shorter than the list of all registered sex offenders. The site explains the criteria used for the searchable database.

Community Corrections Plan

Every two years the Parole & Probation Division of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office develops and submits a Community Corrections Plan to the Oregon Department of Corrections. This biennial plan details our programs, objectives, evaluation methods, and budgeting resources. The plan must be approved by a local public safety coordinating council which, in Benton County, is the Willamette Criminal Justice Council (WCJC).

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