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Marine Patrol

Marine Deputies are on our local waterways from May through September each year helping to keep you safe. They receive special training in boat operation, boating laws, detecting boaters under the influence of intoxicants, and swift water rescue and recovery.


Marine Deputies have a number of responsibilities, including…

  • Checking to make sure boaters have approved safety flotation devices (life jackets) and safety signaling devices.
  • Ensuring boats are properly equipped with required safety equipment.
  • Providing search and rescue on the water.
  • When necessary, issuing citations or making arrests for criminal activity.

Marine Deputies are not responsible for fish and game violations which are the jurisdiction of the Oregon State Police.

Areas of Operation

Our Marine Deputies patrol the Willamette River from Buena Vista south to Harrisburg. The Santiam River is covered from the Willamette River to the town of Jefferson. The Mary’s, Long Tom, and the Alsea Rivers also fall under our marine jurisdiction. The marine patrol season is generally May 1st through October 1st each year, but varies slightly from year to year. If needed for specific situations, the marine patrol may be activated during the winter months as well.

Oregon State Marine Board

The Oregon State Marine Board (OSMB) is the governing body for all public waterways and is responsible for licensing all boats and personal watercraft in the state. They are also the primary funder for our marine patrol program. OSMB provides the boats, marine patrol equipment, and approximately 80% of the operating costs that allow us to provide law enforcement services on our public waterways.

The goal of our marine patrol program is to ensure all boaters have a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.

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