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Linn-Benton ALERT

Linn-Benton ALERT is an emergency notification system that calls or messages residents to warn of impending or occurring emergencies and provides critical safety instructions when they are needed most. The system is address-based. It will send alerts to landline telephones (or the device of your choosing) in the zip code or neighborhood of areas affected by the emergency. If you receive a call, you will hear a computer-generated message, but please do not hang up. Instead, listen to the message in its entirety for important information.

By signing up for Linn-Benton ALERT, you can choose to have alerts sent to your cell phone, other phones or TTY devices, or receive text messages or emails. When you sign up, please make sure the address you input is accurate. The system maps to your physical address (no PO Boxes) so please carefully enter your complete street address and correct zip code.

Once you sign up, you can manage your profile, make changes to your contact choices to ensure the system has your most up-to-date information, and edit your alert preferences.

If you have the phone number blocked, you will not receive alerts! The following are the phone numbers that could be used to issue a Linn-Benton ALERT:




The Linn-Benton Alert will only be used to deliver public safety messages. In many cases, you may already be aware of an emergency situation. Linn-Benton Alert allows public safety officials to provide crucial information about what you should do.

Linn-Benton Alert could be activated to provide emergency safety instructions in a hazardous materials accident or natural disaster. It might be used to alert residents in a geographic area of a missing child or person with dementia. It could be used to alert a neighborhood to a dangerous person at large in the area. Linn-Benton Alert will only be used to deliver public safety messages.

Linn-Benton Alert is an automated system, so the message will be computer-generated but specific to the immediate emergency.  Messages will identify which agency is issuing the alert, what the warning is about, how urgent the message is, and important instructions on what you should do. If you receive an alert, please listen to the entire message for important information.

Only if you register with the service. Linn-Benton Alert is an address-based system and so alerts are automatically sent to landlines only. However, they can be sent to your cell phone or other devices you choose if you subscribe.

By subscribing with Linn-Benton Alert you will be able to select and prioritize where you want messages sent. For example, if you only have a cell phone, by registering in the on-line database you can have alerts sent to your cell. Or you can choose to receive the messages via text or email or TTY device.

You can also indicate if you want to receive alerts from a particular geographic area. For example, if you live in Benton County and your kids go to school there, but you work in Linn County, you can sign up to receive alerts about emergencies near your children’s schools.

There is no cost for you to sign up for the service. This is offered free to you as a public safety service.

Subscriber and land-based information is protected and used only by public safety officials. It is not sold or shared with any other organization or individuals.

Signing up is a simple process. Simply click here and follow the prompts. You can also update and manage your profile.

Please email your question to the support e-mail for your county:

For Benton County:

For Linn County:

  • A Watch means that there is potential for the event to occur. No action needs to be taken when watches are issued, however community members should keep up to date in case the Watch becomes a Warning.
  • An Advisory means that the event is either imminent or occurring, however it is less severe than a Warning. The event is a public inconvenience and creates a general hazard.
  • A Warning means that the event is either imminent or occurring. Community members should be prepared to take immediate protective action.

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