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K-9 Patrol

Canines (K-9s) are an important tool for law enforcement. Their sense of smell is many times greater than that of a human. No machine in the world can match a K-9’s scenting capabilities. With their noses, they can assist their handlers in locating hidden suspects and possible evidence left behind at the scene of a crime.

With their loud barking they are also a wonderful deterrent. Often just the presence of the dog results in the peaceful surrender of suspects who might otherwise fight or attempt to flee from Deputies.

Sheriff’s Office K-9 Deputy Teams

The Deputy and their dog live, train, and deploy together. They go through extensive training on a regular basis. Annually, they are certified by the Oregon Police Canine Association.

K-9 Deputy Brutus (tracking/apprehension)

K-9 Deputy Brutus is a Belgian Malinois. He was partnered with Deputy Gevatosky in April 2017. Brutus has been certified by the Oregon Police Canine Association as a tracking/apprehension dog.

K-9 Deputy Tommy (drug detection)

K-9 Deputy Tommy joined the Benton County Sheriff’s Office in May 2017. He was partnered with Deputy Blaser. Tommy is a mixed breed Springer Spaniel who was pre-trained in the detection of Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and Heroin and has maintained his drug detection certification. Deputy Blaser has previous experience as a K-9 drug detection handler.  

K-9 Deputy Asco (tracking/apprehension)

K-9 Deputy Asco is a German Shepherd and joined the Benton County Sheriff’s Office in 2022. He was partnered with Deputy Young. Asco is certified by the Oregon Police Canine Association in tracking/apprehension.


The BCSO K-9 teams are used for tracking, trailing, wind scenting, building searches, locating evidence or suspects of a crime, and for the protection of law enforcement officers or other persons. The dogs are transported in specially-equipped K-9 patrol vehicles. These vehicles can maintain air conditioning or heat while the vehicle is parked.

Patrol K-9s are not used for search and rescue of missing persons. Our Region Three/K-9 SAR Search and Rescue Unit has specially trained dogs for this type of search.

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