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Contact an Adult in Custody

This section covers contacting or visiting an adult in custody (AIC), information about available AIC medical services, AICs currently in custody or released, and information about the Benton County Circuit Court and video arraignment.


As friends, family, and others interested in keeping in touch with adults in custody (AIC), we thought you might like to know some basic information. AICs go through an orientation process and receive a handbook to help them learn the rules of the jail, including the rules for mail, phone calls, and visits. Each AIC is provided with a visitors list which they may choose to fill out and turn in. Once the list has been approved, those individuals whose names appear on the approved list can begin scheduling visits.

Please remember that even though AICs are given daily opportunities to contact their families, it is their choice to place a call, send correspondence, or put names on their visiting list. Contact is always at their option. We do not take messages for AICs.

Due to the inadequate size of our jail, we contract with other jails to rent beds for Benton County AICs. AICs are subject to transport to any of our contract facilities at the discretion of the jail. We currently rent beds from Polk County and NORCOR.

Contact an AIC by Mail

Allowable Mail

  • Legal or personal-business documents/correspondence
  • Postcards – postcards may be any size the post office delivers, with maximum dimensions of 5½” tall by 8½” wide. Postcards must include the sender’s name and address
  • Books – books must be ordered and sent directly from the publisher, book club, or bookstore. Books must not have plastic or metal binding. Adults in custody (AICs) in segregation may only receive paperback books
  • Periodicals – magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals must be new and sent directly from the publisher

Privileged Mail

In accordance with ORS 169.076 an ICS’s correspondence to or from an attorney, the courts, the Attorney General, the Governor, the Oregon State Corrections Department, or Jail Administration is considered “official mail” and will not be inspected.


Anyone can send mail to an AIC, with some restrictions. We will not accept mail from:

  • An AIC in another corrections-monitored facility or treatment center
  • Someone who is acting as a go-between for AICs by taking mail received from one adult in custody and sending it to another
  • A victim of a crime that the AIC is in custody for either in pretrial or sentenced status
  • Determination of whether mail or periodicals are to be restricted or refused will be made on an issue-by-issue basis. Both the sender and the receiver will be notified in writing of any mail rejections


Persons wishing to appeal the rejection decision may do so within 7 days, in writing to the Jail Commander, indicating why they believe the rejection is unwarranted.

Addressing Mail to AICs

Clearly write the AIC’s complete name. Do not use nicknames. If you know the AIC’s middle name or initial, please include that. Send mail to this address:

(AIC’s Name)
Benton County Jail
PO Box 788
Corvallis, OR 97339

Be sure to handwrite your return name and address on the mail! We will not deliver or hold mail for an AIC if it is missing a return address.

AIC Mail Delivery

We only allow AICs to receive mail sent through the US Postal Service. We do not accept hand, courier, or commercial-mail-service delivered mail. We will not accept mail with postage due.

Contact an AIC by E-mail

Go to the website,

  • Complete the registration information and make a deposit for a communication account. There is an initial one-time setup fee to establish your account.
  • Select the AIC you wish to e-mail.
  • Follow the easy three-step process to send your first e-mail.
  • Once this is completed, you will be provided an e-mail address that will allow you to send e-mails direct from your e-mail account or text messages from your mobile phone. You will not have to log in to the website to send messages once you have completed the registration process.
  • No more trips back and forth to the Post Office or mailbox.
  • All messages are reviewed for approval and once approved, go right to the AIC kiosk for your loved one to view AND respond.
  • When the AIC responds, the e-mail comes directly to your e-mail address. Again, you do not have to log in to any website to view messages from your loved one.
  • Better yet, e-mails are only $0.25 each which is far cheaper than mail and in most cases, instant communication.
  • All revenue from this feature helps support AIC programs at the jail.

Contact an AIC by Phone

Telephone calls are a privilege for AICs. Staff may restrict the number, length, or telephone use hours based on an AIC’s behavior and/or classification status.

AICs in the Benton County Jail should have no expectation of privacy in their personal telephone calls. AIC personal calls will be monitored and recorded at any time and this information used in either disciplinary or criminal charges.

  • Social calls to AICs will not be accepted.
  • Jail staff will not take and relay messages to AICs.
  • AICs are provided with collect-call-only telephones in the housing areas and may call out only during proscribed hours.
  • Local calls (including Philomath, Albany, and Corvallis) cost approximately $1.55 per call.
  • Long-distance calls are charged at a flat rate plus the regular per/minute rate.
  • AICs who have funds on their account may purchase phone cards in the amount of $10 and $25.

The current AIC phone vendor for the Benton County Jail is Legacy Inmate Communications. If you would like to establish a prepaid account or have general inquiries call 1-888-506-8407 or you can go online to

El actual proveedor de teléfono interno de la cárcel del condado de Benton es Legacy Inmate Communications. Si desea establecer una cuenta prepagada o tiene preguntas generales llame 1-888-506-8407 o usted puede ir en liniea a

Please be advised that if you choose to accept a call from an AIC housed in the Benton County Jail the telephone company will charge you for the cost of the call. If you are receiving unwanted calls or attempted calls from AICs, you may contact jail staff at 541-766-6866 and request that a block be placed on your phone number.

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