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The Benton County Sheriff’s Office was first accredited through the Oregon Accreditation Alliance (OAA) in 2009 and then re-accredited in 2012, 2015, 2018, and 2021. Accreditation is a way of helping agencies evaluate and improve their overall performance. It is based on a set of standards that have been identified as the best practices of professional law enforcement agencies. In order to be accredited, agencies must comply with these professional standards and demonstrate their compliance to an independent team of assessors.

The Oregon Accreditation Alliance’s standards manual includes over 100 standards. They cover a comprehensive list of topics such as Use of Force, Property and Evidence, Training, and Fiscal Management to name a few.

Benefits of accreditation include reduction in premiums for liability insurance, decreased susceptibility to litigation, improved operational effectiveness, internal pride in the agency, and greater public confidence in the professionalism of the Sheriff’s Office.

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